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The CoolBiking.com website was founded in 2002 as a gateway site for the cycling and sports sections of our eBay store and Cool e-Solutions website.

Due to the large number of unique website we were operating across multiple domains we made a decision in 2005 to standardize our website development on two open source platform OS-Commerce and Wordpress.

Our first standardization project was the development and release of our sister site the Cool Biking Zone, with the rapid growth of our new article based biking, cycling and fitness information website the CoolBiking.com site started evolving into a more focus information and product review website.

Our goal is to grow even further and make Cool Biking one of the finest and best quality sites on the internet. We are dedicated to bringing you latest news, reviews and information from the bicycle, cycling and sports industry, our affiliate sites and our sponsors. We have a lot planned for the future so stay tuned with us as we continue progressing into a bigger and even better product review site.

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We actively encourage our readers to give us feedback on the site, suggestions for improvements, problems you've had or industry news you think we should know about.

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